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Water Quantity

Dealing with the quantity of stormwater can be an extreme challenge for areas inundated with increasingly severe wet weather events and limited resources. Donohue’s team of engineers study and design solutions to mitigate flooding and provide sustainable, holistic services to control stormwater flows.

We are versed in both gray and green infrastructure and can provide engineering services for natural features as well. From stream bank stabilization to storm water pumping stations, sewer separation to retention ponds, our services are comprehensive. Experts in modeling, our engineers use advanced practices to pinpoint problems and accurately and efficiently address them.

Flood Mitigation Thumbnail

Donohue worked with the City of Waukesha to implement one of the recommended alternatives from the Stormwater Management Plan. Donohue provided XP-SWMM 2-D analysis, developed alternatives, and determined the feasibility, cost, and flood reduction potential of various storm sewer alternatives.

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Flood Control Project Thumbnail

Donohue is part of a team assisting the Village of Robbins with this important flood control project.

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Watershed Study and Improvements Thumbnail

Donohue completed a stormwater management plan for the watershed, including development of an XP-SWMM 2D hydraulic and hydrologic model. The model was used to evaluate and recommend a series of improvement alternatives that, once implemented, will provide the desired level of protection from flooding.

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Hydraulic Studies and Upgrades Thumbnail

Donohue designed improvements for IDOT’s Pump Station No. 27, the existing main drains, and an outlet channel for drainage from tributary areas of I-94, I-57, and the Stony Island Extension in the southern section of Chicago.

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Storm and Sanitary Sewer System Analysis Thumbnail

Donohue identified means of alleviating overloading Whitefish Bay’s sanitary and stormwater collection systems.

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City-Wide Stormwater Management Plan Thumbnail

Donohue completed an XP-SWMM 2D model for the City of Waukesha as part of a Stormwater Management Plan. Prior to this project, large storms caused unacceptable levels of stormwater flooding in the City.

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