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At Donohue, we strive to make the world a better place by improving infrastructure and developing solutions that enhance environmental sustainability. Clean waterways, active and engaged communities, better roadways, sustainable infrastructure—these are some of the themes that drive our business. Our engineers and specialists affect the environments in which we live, and we continue to improve and protect these urban and rural spaces through responsible, streamlined business practices.

You’ll want to join us because you’re committed to these same values and appreciate a work environment that encourages personal growth. You are passionate about the environment, engineering, and creativity, and you are looking for a company that values your hard work and contributions. We know that a quality work environment is realized in the details, which is why we offer unique benefits like flexible schedules and monthly profit sharing. Each month, all employees receive a little piece of the pie to which they contribute.

Senior people are attracted to our commitment to our clients and the strong work ethic that our culture encourages. Engineers continually come to us from large, national and international firms. Why? Because we provide the benefits of a large company—interesting workloads and extensive intellectual resources—without the bureaucracy often found within large organizations.

Craig Brunner, Donohue’s president, came to us from one such national firm. “The impressive list of loyal clients and the opportunity to be part of the leadership at a growing and successful employee-owned company were what drew me to Donohue. Our client-focused, one-team culture and the qualified, experienced staff have further validated my decision to come here.”

Young engineers will also thrive in the environment we provide. They like the support received through formal professional development programs and mentoring from senior engineers. Donohue also offers unparalleled opportunities for growth—talented engineers quickly move into managing projects and working autonomously because our flexible structure allows for people to grow at the pace they set for themselves.