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Safety studies help communities determine operational deficiencies of rural and urban roadways and highways, analyzing existing roadway geometry to identify deficient horizontal and vertical curves and substandard sight distances. Crash rates and severity analyses can help to identify unsafe zones and improve traffic conditions. Donohue’s team of transportation engineers strive to make our roadways safe linkages within our communities.

Beam Guard Improvements Thumbnail

Completed under a master design contract with Wisconsin DOT, this project included beam guard upgrades to meet current design standards at 161 sites on five multi-lane highways including I-39, I-90, and US 151.

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CTH OK / CTH EE Roundabout  Thumbnail

The CTH OK/EE intersection improvement was initiated by Sheboygan County to address a hazardous safety concerns and significant crash history.

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Dodge County Safety Improvement Study Thumbnail

This pilot safety study analyzed the safety and operational deficiencies of 105 miles of roadway on seven county highways.

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County-wide Comprehensive Safety Study  Thumbnail

La Crosse County is known for its majestic bluffs and coulees that define its landscape. That topography is also responsible for blind curves and steep slopes that create hazardous highway conditions. Donohue conducted a phased two-year safety evaluation of all 250 miles of county highway. This project was the first county-wide comprehensive safety evaluation in the state.

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