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June 20, 2022

Investing Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow: Groundbreaking for Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrades in the City of Beloit, Wisconsin

Investing Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow: Groundbreaking for Water Pollution Control Facility Upgrades in the City of Beloit, Wisconsin Header Image

Construction is underway as the City of Beloit officially broke ground to upgrade and expand its Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF).

Dignitaries and project representatives on hand for this important milestone included (left to right) State Senator Janis Ringhand, Councilor Nancy Forbeck, Councilor Kevin Day, Council President Regina Dunkin, State Representative Mark Spreitzer, Public Works Director Laura Pigatti Williamson, Director of Water Resources Bill Frisbee, and Donohue Project Manager Chris Lockett.

The original WPCF was constructed 30 years ago and has a rated hydraulic capacity of 13.2 million gallons per day. Due to aging equipment and infrastructure, the City developed a Facility Plan to identify WPCF immediate needs, alternatives to meet those needs, and upgrades to meet future treatment capacity needs.

Donohue served as the design engineer for the recommended improvements. Project Manager Chris Lockett noted, “This project uses technologies that provide more efficient use of energy, are safer for the environment, and make the treatment process more efficient for the City.”

The improvements include, among others:

  • Replacement of grit removal system
  • Replacement of grit classifying system
  • Replacement of scum thickening equipment
  • Upgrades to the primary solids pumping system
  • Installation of primary solids screen
  • Replacement of selector tank mixers with large blade, high efficient mixers
  • Replacement of existing blowers with high efficiency turbo blowers
  • Upgrades to air distribution and control system
  • Conversion of existing chlorination disinfection system  to a UV disinfection system
  • Installation of new anaerobic digester heat exchangers
  • Replacement of plant drain pumps
  • Replacement of plant compressed air system
  • Installation of new biogas piping and a new waste gas burner
  • Replacement of two gravity belt thickeners (GBTs) for solids thickening
  • Conversion from dry polymer to emulsion polymer for the GBT system
  • Installation of a new ferric sulfate storage and feed system
  • Installation of a new centrifuge for thickening anaerobic solids prior to the belt dryer
  • Installation of a new polymer storage and feed system for the new centrifuge
  • Installation of a new belt dryer for solids drying, including required appurtenances such as new boiler and heat exchanger system for dryer heating, a dust control system, a solids storage silo and load-out system, and a storage silo nitrogen purge system

The general contractor is Williams Brothers Construction and J.F. Ahern and Pieper Electric are major subcontractors. Donohue is providing construction administration and observation.

The $49 million construction project is partially funded by the Wisconsin’s WDNR Clean Water Fund, which includes a $750,000 principal forgiveness grant. Construction completion is scheduled for fall 2024.

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